What is Sanergia?


It is a positivist philosophy developed by Italian-Belgian scientific researcher Alessandro Di Masi. It brings together elements of connection, Tuning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuroplasticity, Metaphysics, Positivity, Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction. Drawing inspiration from the philosophies and eastern energy techniques.

The Sanergia balances any health changes. It is compatible with all and does no harm. The self-healing system starts from the first session, acting permanent and definitely.

With the advent of the Internet, man's consciousness expands and understands that there are more ways to communicate through the global network. Is there a desire to meet and tune into its original design. "At some point will reach all the ability to be able to communicate telepathically with any being on this planet, just getting in tune with your mind," says Alessandro Di Masi.

Sanergia is the energy generated by the new frequencies that appeared in the Universe in 1989. Since then, a large number of people developed an incredible ability to heal and to channel information in a surprising way.

The origin of Sanergia name comes from the fusion of the words HEALTH, WISDOM AND POWER. Given the very origin of the name, Sanergia restores the harmonic tuning between the power lines of our body, but also of the planet's power grid and the universe; It provides that every person is put on the right path of life and allows us to move forward in a balanced state, enabling continuous exchange of light and information, appropriate to each human being, providing the connection to the DNA of the lines and the reintegration of "conduits" or "filaments", according to the plans of concurrent or parallel existence.