What can happen?

What will happen during my sessions?

The 1st consultation in the office of a (a) sanergista, takes 1 hour and 30 minutes (questionnaire to fill, the explanatory conversation, consultation and meeting with about 20 to 25 minutes on gurney). No one has ever been harmed during or after the healings, sanergética connections or sanergia because it uses own vibrational frequency of the participant. 

The sanergética connection sessions activate and increase their autocuras powers, expand their physical and spiritual perceptions, its positive and affective feelings. 

Let yourself go, relax, lie on the gurney, trust and appreciate how wonderful a power session. Let yourself go to the "multi-dimensional" world; between the size of the power of your subconscious. Let your light between, tune frequency, the only compatible with itself. It is the source of all the information required for their physical and spiritual body. 

Things you may feel during their sessions Sanergia, Sanergética connection or tuning Sanergética:

Here we quote some testimonies of the experiences and feelings of the people during the sessions. In addition this information is stored in an impressive archive. You'll notice that people have different reactions and that can add new comments on each client. All this is part of "research." We learn every day.

Attending the sessions, you also help to write the story and automatically become part of the research team, since their comments contribute to the enrichment of this consciousness (with science) and wisdom. 

Almost every comment that was very nice and pleasant. Others did not feel anything at first. However, the process is on and is uninterrupted. Sensations come later, surprisingly. Alessandro Di Masi explains:

"During your sessions you do not need to pray for his healing. Having faith in healing (healing). The tuning already triggers the process. Selfishly, focus and enjoy what you feel in your body (or imagine space travel, where you do not want to lose any sensation, perception and images. Sharpen your five senses). "

Things that can happen

In healings (self-healing) and the Sanergetic connections (one, two, or more ...). These phenomena are the testimony of hundreds of people. Each has a different experience.

Do not fear and do not worry, have fun! Do not resist, because we are working on its electromagnetic motor system, where many movements are normal and known effects. 


- Blinking (closed), the eyes move continuously.

- The toes and hands move (let them).

- Heat, cold and tingling in the fingers, hands, legs, head and knees.

- A light blow cold wind.

- Pricking, stinging, and tickling.

- Showers (such as a cane)

- Dry mouth, thirst (hold on until the end of the session, then ask for a glass of water).

- Cramps.

- I weep tears.

- Sadness, old memories.

- Laughter, happiness, joy, party desire.

- Push, yawn, swallow, and choke.

- The belly is inflated and deflated, big sighs.

- Dizziness, sleeping, drowsiness, loss of consciousness.

- Shocks, spasms (let it happen).

-A Change in air density, attraction or magnetic repulsion (magnet).

-Listen to Music, hear things ...

- Feeling lavender scents, incense, sulfur, perfumes, (avoid colonies and perfumes when attending sessions).



- "I felt that there were more people in the room and people going in and out."

- "I heard the wind noise, loud in the street, children playing and screaming."

- "I heard caravans of cars, horns."

- "I saw a color he had ever seen."

- "It was a very strange background music" (... in Sanergia using no music)..

- "I felt like drops of water falling on me and running down my body."

- "I saw angels, beings, shadows and noticed presences".

- "How do I jump from one rope to get up."

- "I felt an electric current traveling through the body."

- "I heard the noise of passing trains" (there were no trains in the region).

- "It was like dying of dizziness in a wellness ocean."

- "There was a time when I was floating."

- "I felt like a very erotic and sensual experience."

- "I felt heat and cold together, in the same place, I cannot explain."

- "I felt the visit of a person (X) who died is (X) years."

- "As if there were cut off my head”...

- "I had the impression that I felt love for the first time in my life ... with an indescribable force."

Sometimes they appear annoying feelings (fear and extreme concern). What means something is cleaning. Something that hurt him. These symptoms are not very frequent.


They last only a few seconds and then disappear; may never return because, from now on, will develop sanctions (self-healing) your mind and you will be connected with the vibrational frequency that will heal you, preferably leaving the energies or perceptions that harmed you. You will live in a state of higher consciousness.