Filipe César Ferreira de Carvalho, was born in 1968 in Vila Nova de Famalicão county, Portugal

Since very young learned that to care and respect for others are great virtues. The interest in people's well-being made me embark by studying areas related to health. Over the years, he has participated in numerous conferences, workshops and specialized training.

Sanergista - Level 3 - member No. 1550

Acupuncturist -Training in Spain by Escuela Superior Techniques Parasanitárias

                          Postgraduate Institute for Van Nghi (associated No. 104)

Hypnotherapist - (Associate No. 184 of APHCH) -

Reiki - (master and trainer - associated APR - 01219-PT)


Its vast experience allows performing with recognized success, all therapies mentioned in this website.

He has dedicated his career and still does to helping people take better care of themselves, the most different ways:

• Given the private practice of personalized and humane way, people of all ages, giving emphasis to prevention activities in health and wellness.

• Guiding and advising with an accessible language all people.

• Addressing controversial issues in a clear and objective way makes broad concepts into practical tips that can help to improve people's quality of life.

We are all one. We are all connected.

My job is, first of all, in order to make good connections. Whatever they are, will be for good. I understand that it is time to learn to free ourselves from the constraints of illusion and ego, learn to silence the mind, awaken the realization of creative potential, learn to love your neighbor, consciously stop judging others, accept that the present moment is inevitable and accept people as they are, recognize that we are stronger and together we have free will in our favor. Or not. We choose where to direct our energies. We are the sum of everything we think and feel, the union of body, mind and spirit. We are more powerful than we could imagine and we can create this new world together.

This page rises in order to bring light.

My aim is to help people discover who they really are. And for this, they must first find out who they are not. People who are in the transition from fear to confidence. Who choose to continue pretending not to see these changes will certainly find more difficulty in the process of transmutation. The process is inevitable, but it can be less painful if you choose to take the reins of their lives. If we choose to remain in the comfort zone we will probably get hit by stress, lack of time, lack of attention, the television, the football, the lack of sense, by selfishness, by what society imposes on us early and say what is right and wrong, by forgetting ourselves.

I do not believe in coincidences simply by understanding that nothing happens by chance.


"I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all my clients who are the subject of my work.

I dedicate to you all my work, respect and admiration. ".