The Energy Attunement

But recommends the full cycle of energy to people who have some disease, there are always those who want to spend the full experience of tuning. 

The 3 Stages of Sanergia: 

The Sanergetic complete cycle consists of three phases: 

Sesions Sanergia

Treatment of Diseases 

Each stage consists of two treatments or sessions.


Phase 1 · Tune your physical body with the auric field. 

1st Consultation Sanergia

The Sanergista invites you to fill out a form with personal data, which will be subject to professional secrecy.

This questionnaire has the personal data so that the therapist can contact you; it also records your "vibration" and is useful in case of distant healing.

The questionnaire will give the sanergista all the information about the diseases that took place during three important stages of his life: childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It is not mandatory, but it helps in research, and is an important source of teaching information and statistics.

We recommend that you read and sign the last page of the questionnaire. Your signature authorizes the sanergista to work with you. Our Federation has decided to adopt the laws being applied in natural therapies. The therapist will not act without your permission.

Explanatory talk: The sanergista practitioner will give you extensive information about the "cure" through Sanergetic frequencies. This can take 30 to 45 minutes. If you wish, your companions can also participate in this explanation.

The sanergia session, however, it is only between you and the sanergista. We begin the test with the position of the body and standing with eyes closed, where the therapist will give you information about your current state of electromagnetic balance. Then, the client lies down on the marchioness, his back, dress and no shoes. Close your eyes and try only to feel, without giving any opinion, without speaking or challenged. Just relax and enjoy.

The session lasts between 18 and 22 minutes. If by chance the therapist believes that you need more time, it will do so.


2nd Consultation Sanergia 

It is advisable to merge the sessions 3 and a maximum of 30 days. Thus, allow your therapist to assess the change in its vibration and compare it with the first visit. You may notice a few changes; important is what realizes the practitioner who is trained to capture the frequencies. In this second consultation the Sanergista finish the work that was started in the first consultation. 


Phase 2 · "Mens sana en corpore sano" - removal of old diseases scheme. 

These two sessions are recommended for people with any disease. The goal is to prevent relapse eliminating the causes. The set of two sessions implements a self healing system and elimination of symptoms in person. Opens the door to a state of consciousness of a fourth dimension. 

3rd Energy Consultation

Before starting the Sanergia session on the marchioness, the therapist will talk about who or what was the cause of your illness. 

4th Consultation Sanergia

Complete the four-dimensional cycle. It begins with an action cures and fixes that will act definitely ... The Sanergia has an intelligence that goes beyond that has the human being, acting where it is most needed. Healing occurs multidimensional level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is advisable to merge the sessions 3 and a maximum of 30 days.


Phase 3 • The tuning with the universe. The tuning Sanergética 

I 5th 6th Consultation Sanergia

Made in two sections and two consecutive days. Opens awareness and multidimensional perception. Combining with Phases 1 and 2, the third phase reaches the same goal of Sanergetic connection: state of inner peace, increasing the brainpower and intuition, positive state of optimism and well-being. You will develop your survival instinct understanding and better interpreting the signs of the universe, thanks to a new and more conscious state. His healing powers will develop, thus helping to raise the vibration of the planet.

Query Phases 2 and 3 are made only through Sanergistas with level 2 and 3, which have a license obtained in Bioenergetics Research Centre, recognized by official certificates, and the copper plate.