Shiatsu therapy is not conventional in the West, imported from Japan, which had its origin for millennia, keeping today as a traditional system of health care. It was in this country that emerged Shiatsu whose system and philosophy of the assembly as a holistic therapy to treat the mind, body and spirit. It is related to an ancient oriental massage Anma therapy called.

This therapy involves rubbing and pinching the body to treat joint disorders.

Shiatsu literally means "finger pressure", Shi - finger, Atsu - pressure. This puts pressure with thumbs and palms. By nerve endings located in you and through free nerve endings, the skin is able to perceive tactile stimuli of deep pressure, heat, cold and pain. Located in a path between traditional knowledge of acupuncture, based on the theory of vital points (tsubo) and scientism of Western medicine, Shiatsu, through the hands of a professional therapist, access to structural imbalances and enables the body to activate its own self mechanisms -heals, which has since its birth.

In the words of the Grand Master Tokujiro Namikoshi, founder of this therapy in Japan "Shiatsu is like the love of a mother, the pressure on the body stimulates the source of life."

Currently it is recognized that to be effective not only in Europe and the United States, in addition to being widespread, making it the perfect complement to the medicament according to the know today.

Shiatsu, faithful to its source maintains that prevention is better than cure. A weekly meeting helps to not get sick, and have no side effects, it is also advisable for chronic patients who prefer a form of natural therapy or do not want to be treated with medication.