What is Acupuncture Ryodoraku?

Ryo means "good", the "electroconductive" raku and "online" or "channel". It is a style of Japanese acupuncture developed at Kyoto University (Japan), from 1950, by Dr. Yoshio Nakatani, whose method of treatment is based on electropermeable points on the body surface.

Ryodoraku therapy is described by Prof. Kimiya as " ( ... ) the method of treatment based on the observation electropermeability certain points on the body surface. These points, in most cases correspond to acupoints in traditional acupuncture."

With therapeutic system Ryodoraku, acupuncture and moxibustion can now be addressed objectively from a scientific perspective, given that it employs a system of evaluation through statistical processing (graphic) and a therapy developed objectively based on a logical system Ryodoraku (channels formed by points electropermeable).

What are the benefits of Acupuncture Ryodoraku?

Ryodoraku and autonomic nervous system are closely linked, since any imbalances or disorders of internal organs phenomena manifested as nervous reflexes in the body surface (skin). The regulation of the autonomic nervous system is the primary objective of the therapy Ryodoraku.

By electrical stimulation of Ryodoraku (connecting lines or channels that connect points electropermeable) unbalanced, the body rebalances itself functionally , providing healing and alleviating or eliminating the symptoms caused by a pathological situation .