Reiki is a complementary therapy in the context of therapies and medicines Field Bio Energy. This therapy is carried out through a soft touch or a short distance from the patient's body, following a strict code of ethics, being transmitted to "Universal Energy" (Reiki) for the most deprived areas of the person. This is a complementary therapy that is, works with all medicines and other therapies, never invalidating or replacing any of them. 

Reiki means:

Universal Energy (Rei = universal, Ki = energy)

Reiki is:

• A Japanese method with a set of techniques that allow revitalize, balance and assist the person in your healing process;

• It is possible to use anywhere, height or position;

• It is a complementary therapy, does not make diagnosis, is not equivalent to Bio Medicines and Traditional Medicine;

• Do not exclude other medicines or therapies, on the contrary, can enhance its effectiveness;

• While practice has seen with self-help techniques to personal growth and the possibility of self-treatment.

To understand what Reiki is, we have to understand that everything is energy. Reiki has a holistic view of man and the reality that surrounds it and in which it is inserted. 

How Reiki works

Reiki itself will not cure. The effect of Reiki is to increase the capacity of the self-healing patient. This can occur in the following ways:

• Producing a deep state of relaxation that can relieve stress,

• Increase the body's defenses so that helps to overcome, for example, an infection by stimulating your immune system

• Relieve states of depression and fatigue

• eliminate or reduce side effects of drugs, in particular chemotherapy

• Power the beneficial effect of drugs when a patient is not responding to treatment

• Accelerating the elimination of toxins from anesthesia and used drugs

• Reduce anxiety before surgery or chemical

• Increase your ability to recover after an intervention