Express-psycho-physiological diagnosis and treatment Modular Rada7 (electro-acupuncture)            

Is the new method , considered more fast and informative about the person's health and psychology - A breakthrough in medicine and belongs to the medicine of the future .

The method allows:

- Making an early diagnosis (determines the weakness at an early stage, or hidden when medical tests reveal themselves even normal).
- Set the psychological state of the person (capacities, needs, career guidance, character, etc. )

-  Make the treatment through energy rebalancing of all organs and body systems.

-vDetermine the psychological causes of chronic weaknesses.

This diagnosis is made in a short period, 5 minutes with sophisticated handset called Rada7. This device measures the energy of the specific energy points ( 6 points are on hand and foot 6 points ). Through the data received creates a single map, known as " passport Health ' which has a large and important report on the

state of health and the psychological person .

Treatment: Consists in restoring energy to all the organs and systems of the body , which is through the simplified method electro acupunture called BU -CE. The time of one treatment session is 15-20 minutes.