Our Mission


Welcome to SANERGIA PORTUGAL, to self-educate in the complex world of complementary therapies. The Sanergia is a philosophy of life and teaching, in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and that allows every individual to choose his teaching, express your opinion, share your knowledge, receive information and form their own opinion on what it considers necessary to achieve the best quality of life, if properly informed. Every individual has the right to life, freedom of choice of how to defend, heal and take care of himself, to prevent and treat a health condition that affects him/her. We must clarify that it is not a therapy site to diagnose or recommend as a primary treatment of any medical condition. It is our interest to educate the patient, with the contrasting visions of the disease and the existing treatment and provide information that has some kind of scientific evidence that allows the patient, study them and make decisions about their own health, in consultation with their primary professional health, a doctor, naturopath, chiropractor or other.

 In my practice as a therapist, it is my role clarification and education of my client to provide the most appropriate tools for him/her to make the best decision, and his wisdom guide to guide him/her. Always based on less invasive therapies and with fewer side effects to their well-being. I see every human being as a holographic original, unique and very complex body where the correct alignment of the parts is very different from all others who share our planet. The good therapist learns to recognize the symptoms of this complex organism such as alarms, imbalances that cannot be removed without seeking, search their primary origin in other parts of his/her hologram. These imbalances often originate in strong emotional experiences that affect our lives.

 "Healing is a facilitation process by the therapist and the strengthening of the patient."

I often comment sarcastically that if modern medicine is so good, why doctors' offices are always so full of patients?

And I agree with my professor of acupuncture, when he says. "There are no diseases just sick people" Therefore, we should treat the patient and not the disease.