Neurological Hammer

Treatment with neurological hammer is based on the overview of the structure that we balance through a quick and painless touch. This is a new instrument used as a means of treatment in order to balance the skeleton structures and other joints through a painless impact, which replaces the force and speed while maintaining the same efficiency and eliminating risks and aggressiveness.

It has its origins and philosophy of chiropractic. In direct manipulation takes the pacient to the limit, taking uncomfortable and painful positions and applies a certain force and a certain speed, but poorly controlled. Many therapists and patients relate noise articulate successful treatment when it is not really necessary. Neurological hammer works in a comfortable and safe for the patient environment. What you get is a lower mechanical strength for most neurological effect open communication with the central and peripheral nervous system, in other words, the therapeutic adjustments, but the nervous system is I do the work.

The technical qualities are the following:

- Accuracy: because we contacted the exact smoothness

- Applied in a relaxed position and a concrete and adequate strength.

- Proof: Strength and speed are constant and are also transmitted in each configuration.

- Effectiveness: was measured and studied by clinical and scientific research.

Neurologic hammer is suitable for any such treatment in osteopathy or chiropractic with the advantage that you can apply to people with physical limitations, such as osteoporosis, pregnancy, elderly, children and solve structural problems, visceral, neurological ...

A neurological hammer session develops with the patient lying on the stretcher therapist helps the patient with a series of very precise diagnosis indicating that manipulate segments neurological hammer. The total duration of treatment may be about 15 minutes. After treatment of the nervous system of the patient to rearrange the body will lead to an optimal state. The result is that many problems you can not solve with other techniques are resolved favorably with neurological hammer.