The use of suction in the treatment of disease is not exclusive to Chinese medicine, there are information of its use since ancient Egypt, it is also mentioned in the writing of Hippocrates practiced by the people and Greek in the fourth century BC, possibly known and used by other ancient nations.

The use of the East cups was developed based on acupuncture, the application of suction was originally known as Horn method. The horns of the animals were heated, creating a vacuum when they were placed on the skin. The purpose was to treat and remove the pus. At the end of the Neolithic period, the development of agriculture facilitated the development of the method Horn (cup).

Can be used to produce the suction effect "massage" to move the suckers consists of large, flat surfaces of the body such as the back and the thighs, these cases are used suction cups medium to large mouth, and first must lubricate the area of the body that will rub. This massage has the effect of removing the skin from the opening pore and transpiration. Mechanically, increases lymph flow, reducing edema, maintains flexibility of the muscles, removes adhesions and fibrosis and mobilizes the organs, decongest energy blockages, activates circulation and the general functioning of the body.