Connection Sanergética

A quantum leap in consciousness

The Energy Connection restore harmony between the power lines of our body and the power grid of the planet and the universe. The connection puts us on the right path of life and let us move forward in a stable state, enabling a continuous exchange of light and information, suitable for every being. It allows the connection to the parts or DNA components and the reintegration of "strings" or "strands" (simultaneous existence of plans or parallel).

Synergy is the set of energies generated by new measurable frequency of the planet and the universe since 1989, facilitating awareness and ascension process through the energies. The Sanergética connection is a decisive experience for their future and existence.

The connection is only made once in a lifetime.

During his first visit, the Sanergista explain the process of healing by Sanergía and operation of the connection. The participant can then decide whether to be connected. The connection is no remedy is a technique that involves the customer's renewal in bioenergetics healing process, emotional healing, etc. There is no physical contact between Sanergista and client. Lying on the gurney, the customer enjoys relaxed, discovering new sensations, perhaps in your body and spirit. Each session lasts about 20 minutes lying on the gurney.

The vibration of the planet is constantly changing. Since 1989, when the American scientist Gregg Braden found new frequencies, we have experienced several quantum leaps. What is going on? The Sanergética connection uses the new frequencies of healing bioenergetics allowing tune and thus balance the body, soul and mind (these frequencies vary continuously).

The Sanergética® Connection will leave a feeling of relaxation, tranquility and balance. After Sanergética® connection, activate your hands, sharing the frequency (vibration) healer.