Common questions

What is Sanergía?

Sanergía is the energy generated by new frequencies that appear in the Universe from 1989. Since then a large number of people has generated a great ability to heal and channel information in a surprising way. Hence the fusion of Healing and Energy words. Instead of Health and Energy... 

What is the connection Sanergética?

The Sanergetic connection is a connection and continuous tuning with the etheric field of the planet. In the "field" lies the mind, their hidden intelligence, your intuition. By combining vibrational therapy, NLP, positivism, metaphysics and quantum physics creates an awakening. All connected claim to have increased rapidly and dramatically its intuitive and self-heal power, living in a state of tranquility and serenity due to body harmony, mind, soul and spirit with the Universal Energy (vibration 17.6). 

What is this therapy?

The term 'therapy' is not appropriate. A connection is a connection.... When a technician connects your telephone network with ADSL, we o not call it therapy. It is a connection. The connection is made in two (2) consecutive days. During the first session, the Sanergista releases all the main points of axiatonal body lines of all the blocks that could prevent the new energy intake which prevents flow freely. This Sanergia work allows "erase" the old scheme of diseases and electromagnetic inharmonies. In the second session systematically joins up every 'clean' point on each meridian, thus giving harmony to all the bodily functions, once you get the alignment of the chakras, the electromagnetic balance and the release of Chi (vital energy/bioenergy/kundalini ). Numerous participants who lived extraordinary experiences during and after a session, or experienced shortly after.

"Taking this initiative allows you to move forward on this path much more balanced because as you tune with these new frequencies, you will open yourself to a new dimension.” 


What kind of illness achieves good results?

The connection heals the person. Reconnects you with the original design information. We see that in all conditions without exception manifested a considerable improvement of the participant's health status. Sometimes the healing takes place on the same day, within minutes, usually in a few weeks or months. 


What suffer most patients?

The vast majority of my clients have no pathology; just want the connection to prevent it. is seeking to themselves, they are the missing information to them. The connection connects each with its superior being, with the original design, with its hidden intelligence awakes amazing hidden powers. We never spoke of patients. It comes to participants / clients, as once activated, the very Mind participates in the result. We just put it all in motion.


Place intention during the sessions is important?

Of course the customer knows why he came, his intention is clear. On the other hand Sanergista want your client to evolve and enjoy a new state of consciousness and that account of the hidden skills you have. How can a therapist believe that is not involved in the process? We are not 'just a channel', we assume our responsibility. The Sanergista undertakes applies, concentrated, note, feels captures. The customer does not reach its destination in a taxi without driver. It is too easy to say: "Trust in God," trust in the universe, trust in the Supreme. Have faith, of course, it is important. However we are in the century of information and people distance themselves from the mystical and mysterious, you know you have to commit yourself and be willing to participate in the process without waiting for 'someone' always resolve their problems, their things, while time passes and lose the illusions of a better life.

"The intention puts manifest that the person is not only to heal itself but it also comes to the part that" there is something more "as she herself is involved; so it is important to confirm to people that their intention has already posed manifest more energy to participate in the process. "


What results can be expected?

Clearly the best. Can be expected to cranking an unstoppable process that nothing can stop. If you create a constant connection between you and the universe. The Sanergistas are the driver of this unstoppable process, the symbolic "Connector with the source of high-speed information."

Unstoppable because once in motion can not undo. It is a decisive step in life and is done only once in life.

Many of the participants expressed an immediate relief of the symptoms of disease or physical, psychological or mental imbalance. An example: Patientswith chemotherapy, when connected, do not suffer as other patients. There are other participants who increased their intuition, psychic abilities and his gifts of clairvoyance, channeling, automatic writing, connecting with your guides. Others have developed great creativity and seen their business grow. Several note, short or long term, physical corrections in your body, your organs, arteries, joints; everyone noticed improvements in their health. Moreover, all indistinctly developed healing and self-healing capabilities and are more aware of the things that suffer.


This happens when we activated your hands?

In fact already are activated being present at a conference, courses or in INTRODUCTORY talks with Sanergista. What we do at the end of a first session (activation of the hands) allows the participant to realize that something is there past: An immediate increase awareness.

What it shows during conferences anything or anyone except you dare to do these experiments in a room with 250 people. How can you be so sure that the experiment will work?

Everyone in the room learns to play with the new frequencies. We look like a bunch of kids and only if you are willing to think with the mind of a child will open you new insights. Albert Einstein said: "If we try to explain everything with what we already know, we will not progress."

Children delude by any novelty in your life. Everything is good, everything is party, everything is illusion.


This implies that we would all be Mago Merlin ...

It is not very difficult to come into contact with the energy field of the people who provide the experience. Once captured their frequency, we can improve your vibration, which logically cause spectacular effects that all persons can see in the room. It is easy to learn. Your subconscious already has these powers. Rightly it is you dares account of this, connecting you. 


Everything lies in the mind?

Your mind is neither in your body nor in your brain. It is in the etheric field of the planet. When taught you to speak, they disconnected the divine information and connected you with the "poor" human mind. Caveman and most animals use more brainpower. Given that lack the word, they developed other values such as telepathy, intuition and vibration. Once connected with your mind (your original drawing) there will be limits in the ability of your brain.

In fertilization, it created a new vibration. It was the connection (Original Design), which channeled the flow of information that allowed the creation of small eyes, fingers, hands and ordered some cells to commit suicide to allow fingers to separate and form a new being.

"We just disconnected from the information."

Thanks to the connection and tuning we returned to find a state of fullness to become aware of it.

It is good to be present at a conference or a lecture by Sanergista to el successful connection and understand the mechanics of life since we would realize that we are part of something else, something very powerful.

The conferences allow give a more pleasant and accurate information so it is convenient to watch to be aware of what really is talking about.


How will I see my status "Connected"?

Since we are all unique, the process manifests itself differently, unique and different in every person. We have been 'programmed' life, I do not want to do it here. Let yourself be surprised. "Is what was planned just for you." We are in the information century. Who has the information is health. Doctors are approaching ever more the energy and quantum physics. Remedying a single cell, we can heal an entire body and this "body", this person can cure everything that surrounds and surrounds. This is called up the vibration of the planet; It begins with yourself.


I am so sick of ... (conceal the disease). I want to do Sanergética connection and leave the medication. I can?

The Sanergistas are neither doctors nor psychologists; the title of "Sanergista" is not an academic doctor title. Together with my colleagues Sanergistas not attempt to advise for or against the use of medication, treatments with natural products or pharmaceuticals. The best medicine is the one who heals you. If something does not work, it is ... try another. Once connected, the person perceives more things, situations or people that harm their physical and / or mental, that "consume", "immobilize", "damage". Animals let themselves be guided by the vibrations, by his instinct. The set of vibration and instinct is established in people who actually want, given that the obsess; closing in on ourselves we will not change our vibration, stanching us in the present.

So called Karma the whole process which is established in a life and this makes it may choose other possibilities, since Karma is a series of memories and cases that are established in a person does not have to be equal to the previous one. We have the power to choose, let us do it.


The connection is compatible with other treatments?

It is compatible with all existing treatments. Activation of Mind puts in motion an unstoppable self-healing process. If you must take medication, the medication will result more effective. Of course the doctor decrease prescription to see the results.


What are for you the main advantages of being 'connected' or 'Tuned'?

I consider the connection the most effective form of healing in these moments. "Connects" the person with the fullness of the universe, opens the door to the fifth dimension, the fullness of being and allows us to discover who we really are. It is a discovery interior and exterior, an inimitable experience, one step. The Sanergética Connection is a highly effective energy activation; eliminates stress, physical dysfunction, energetic, emotional and spiritual.

In the months and years that follow you will notice the different you are from others at all levels. We feel attracted by the charism that desprendes. Few things have managed to affect you, you will be more focused on interpreting things with good attitude and energy. "Nothing can harm you or tainted you without your permission."


A pregnant woman can Connect?

The connection is compatible with everything and everyone. It is part of the 'Establishment'. Furthermore it is beneficial for the baby: When a mother connected with their self-healing vibrational frequency, with the vital energy, will have more desire to enjoy life and develop healing and self healing capabilities. A very lucky baby! This vibration accompanies the child during pregnancy. When breastfeeds him, mother's milk is part of the process of creation to be connected with the field.