Bach Flowers

When we feel good, satisfied and happy, we are balanced with everything and we pass on to our family and friends a very good energy.

But with the events of life, sometimes we need a little help to achieve this balance and move on. This is where the Bach flowers can help. Created by an English doctor (Dr. Edward Bach) in the 30’s Bach flower remedies are 38 plants and flower essences that can help manage the emotional pressures of everyday life. Each flower gives a specific emotion. It can be taken individually or mixed according to what you are feeling.

Recent research on emotions and the immune system reinforce the view that emotional health and physical health are related.

Increasingly, experts, researchers and doctors agree that a healthy mind really guarantees a healthy body. Bach flowers can help control your feelings better and enjoy life. Dr. Bach said "There are no diseases, there are sick people. Treat the patient and not the disease. "

Bach flower essences are extracted from specific flowers, which aims to transform the negative mental and emotional states in positive through what Bach called the "law of opposites", for each emotion or negative state of mind as: sadness, depression, fear, panic, stress, nervousness, loneliness, anxiety, among others, there are flower essences that provide the opposite and positive virtues, such as the joy of life, courage, tranquility, trust, security, peace and so on, providing physical, mental and emotional balance, well-being and will do everything that benefits from the floral. (and this will be the benefits from the flower?)

It is important to know that Bach flowers are part of a therapy because they treat the causes and not the symptoms, it is essential to consult with a therapist, so he can investigate (diagnose) the person seeking this treatment, what are the emotional causes that are generating symptoms in your life and in your body?

They are very effective and can greatly help those who suffer, either due to a hesitancy because they feel lost, fear, anxiety, panic, loneliness, amongst many other emotional states that can be balanced and treated by Bach flowers , a simple and natural treatment.