Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic method of Oriental medicine that seeks to be the overall balance, prevention and treatment of various diseases by stimulating certain points of the ear.

It is a simple method that uses spherical and smooth surface materials that perform pressure on specific points determined by the therapist after clinical evaluation of the patient.

The seeds can remain in the ear for a period of three to seven days, these points should be stimulated by the patient.

Therapeutic results happen because the ear is innervated mainly by spinal nerve plexus and brain cervical nerves that are connected to the nervous system. The application of an atrial stimulus, even weak, accelerates a series of reflections that cause immediate or long nature, temporary or permanent therapy reactions.

We can use auriculotherapy as a method of treatment for all physical and psychological problems, covering a wide range of pathologies. Through this method, we can get good and preventive effects. It is applied in musculoskeletal disorders, cramps and menstrual pain, constipation, cold, pain related to the nervous system, skin and respiratory problems, obesity and addictions, among others. Everyone can benefit from the method: infants, children, youth, adults and seniors.